Catherine and Josh Marine Corps Museum Wedding: Triangle, VA

Wow! This last season just flew right by me. It was a whirlwind of weddings, events, and sessions – and somewhere in there we had holidays, too? And suddenly – here’s the end of January! I hope you’ve held onto your resolutions, I didn’t really have time to make any so February will be my official New Years! I’m so excited to wrap up the goodness of last season and look back on the wonderful and crazy year I’ve had, with a nice cup of tea and maybe some one on one time organizing my hard drives. My very last wedding of 2014 was Catherine and Josh’s Marine Corps Museum wedding. I used to live right beside the museum and am ashamed to say I have never been inside before. I thought the building looked cool on the outside, well, the inside is … *channels my inner Zoolander*… at least THREE times as cool! The glass chapel let the warm glow of the sunset pour in around Catherine and Josh as they said ‘I do’. However, I don’t think the sunset was noticed at the time, all eyes were on the couple and the bride and groom had eyes on each other. The grounds are beautifully kept and I highly suggest walking them on a warm fall day. I was pretty overwhelmed (in a good way) walking into the museum. Airplanes and helicopters hanging on display – not to mention the maze of history that fills the building. As we all know my favourite part about weddings are all the little details that make up the big picture.  The pearls from Catherine’s grandmother, the custom made walnut rings, loving family creating Winnie the Pooh cake pops/table coverings and all the special meanings behind them. I especially loved the father-made slideshow of Catherine and Josh! There were many giggles of high school haircuts and awwws of cuteness that filled the theatre. The guests were given free roaming of the museum after a relaxed cocktail buffet dinner and some delicious desserts. Catherine, her father and I went to the Frozen Chosin exhibit to grab a quick photo because it was a battle in which her grandfather fought and survived. A beautiful and calm night enjoyed by all – I’d say it was one of the most unique experiences for me to capture a wedding surrounded by such rich history. I will definitely be taking another trip back on some down time to explore and learn more!

Catherine and Josh Marine Corps Museum Wedding Catherine and Josh Marine Corps Museum Wedding blog3 copy Catherine and Josh Marine Corps Museum Wedding Catherine and Josh Marine Corps Museum Wedding blog6 copy Catherine and Josh Marine Corps Museum Wedding

Riley and James – Marine Corps Wedding – Fredericksburg, VA

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The rainy weather finally broke last week just in time for Riley and James’ Marine Corps wedding. James is visiting from being stationed in Okinawa and what better treasure to travel back with than a beautiful new bride. Can I just preface this with the fact that I am in love with the uniform and gown? So beautiful, simple, crisp. It was a quiet, family oriented wedding that began in Stafford and ended up in downtown Fredericksburg for a brunch at Foode and photos. Riley and James have known each other since high school and after we were finished they were on their way back to their old stomping grounds to visit their teachers. How lucky for the teachers to see their pupils back as young adults together on one of the happiest day of their lives!

At some point during the afternoon I proudly walked forward, leading the way to the Sunken Road. A spot I had discovered a few days before and was itching to shoot at. Noticing I could not hear the pitter patter of newly weds in step with my own, I turned around and I caught James leaning down picking a bouquet of dandelions for Riley. The look on her face was probably one of the most priceless and adorable moments of my career. You just can’t stage those romantic moments.

Besides seeing how undeniably cute they were together, my favourite part of the walk was learning about the Marine Corps. For instance, I had no idea they had to salute the flag if they came across it. Don’t be too hard on me for not knowing – I am Canadian… but I’m learning! We ended off with a visit to the Fallen Heroes memorial where James saluted the flag and explained what the Navy anti-aircraft gun was. I had previously driven by it one time and assumed it was a prop from a Michael Bay film (okay not really but cut me some slack I was driving and paying attention to the road!).

I could go on and on about how cute these two are together – so I will just end this post with photographic evidence. I wish Mr & Mrs Booth all the best in their travels back to Okinawa and am grateful to have been a part of their wonderful wedding.

Riley James Fredericksburg Marine Wedding (9)
Riley James Fredericksburg Marine Wedding (8)
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Megan and Justin: Virginia Beach Wedding

Hello lovely world! This is my first update on the summer happenings of Siobhan Young Photography. I have had a wonderful summer getting settled into my new home in my new country with my new husband. Okay, I never had an old husband, but you get the point. Everything is new and exciting and fresh… and I have my camera along for the ride!

A couple months ago I was lucky enough to be invited to share Megan and Justin’s wonderful wedding day in Virginia Beach. They had their son as the wee ring bearer, their daughter as the flower girl and their new little baby snug inside Megan’s belly, just waiting to come out in a matter of weeks!

It was a clear blue, sunny day and the relaxed atmosphere in the beach house was a perfect contrast to the ocean. I have to say I’m quite the sucker for the colour Megan chose on her wedding day. Beautiful shades of purple looked so amazing in the sun!