Silks Vintage Lingerie – New Studio!

I’m most excited to unveil the photos of Silks Vintage Lingerie + Photography new studio space inside of Merle Norman Cosmetics! And guess what?! Siobhan Young Photography has been cast in the role of official Photographer! Yep that’s right! Yours truly will be featured as the new pin up and boudoir photographer for the “photography” portion of Silks Vintage Lingerie + Photography! (I just used the words photography and photographer way too many times in those few sentences, but I’m so excited, I don’t even mind).

I have worked with SVL in the past, and am excited about continuing my work with them in 2014. It’s such a unique business concept that it excites and delights me as a photographer – I get to do what I do best and have so many interesting ideas and sets to play with! SVL has lingerie for sale, and is inside a makeup/hair studio. The marriage of set design, outfits, hair/makeup and photography all came together to make this crazy powerhouse concept a dream reality. So, if you want to get your significant other a special gift for Valentine’s Day, or want to have a girls night out for a Bachelorette, you can book anything from a private boudoir session to a pin up party!

Check out a peek inside the storefront and studio below! And just FIY, That’s My Dress! is also located within the store. So if you are a bride looking for a gown, stop by Merle Norman! You can chat with a makeup artist, shop for a dress and even take a peek at having your bachelorette party or private photo shoot done for a gift to you or your partner AND walk away with a piece of lingerie. It’s a stress free one stop shop!

SVL Siobhan Young Photography 4SVL Siobhan Young Photography3SVL Siobhan Young Photography2SVL Siobhan Young Photography1

Summer Boudoir

I am so excited, guys. Really, really excited about this new adventure. I know I seem perpetually excitable because let’s face it, why would we do stuff that bores us? But this takes my summer cake! I’ve been teaming up with Silk’s Vintage Lingerie in Fredericksburg to bring you some of the most fantastic outdoor boudoir set ups for the summer! I am very particular about the boudoir photography I will do and publish because it’s a very fine line of soft and sensual to greasy and cheap. I don’t do fast food in my life, and I don’t do it in my photography either. An array of vintage and modern outfits, check. A cornucopia of magnificent props, check. The most dazzling outdoor sets, check. Hair and makeup to make you feel like a pampered princess, check. This girl was daring enough to do some classy, vintage, boudoir, PREGNANCY photos. I can’t get over how soft, lovely and gorgeous she was. There’s more where this came from and I can’t wait to show you all!

Siobhan Young Photography Boudoir

Set and outfits by
Hair and makeup by X-Clusive Reflections