Via Colori 2013

Just a quick photo heavy post about the street chalk art festival VIA COLORI that happens every September in Fredericksburg Virginia. It seems to be a running theme of bad weather on day one, where artists hard work is seen washed away – then excellent weather on day two where they launch a full blown recovery of their beautiful pieces. Not only is Via Colori known for it’s vibrant art, but I always notice the abundance of FXBG dogs afoot. They are so fun to photograph, I could have a separate album of just puppies. I look forward to the festival every year, and am determined to be on the other side of the artistry by creating a chalk art drawing! But of what will be the question…

Siobhan Young Via Colori 1

Siobhan Young Via Colori 2

Siobhan Young Via Colori 3

Siobhan Young Via Colori 4

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