Jennifer’s Autumn Senior Session: Fredericksburg VA

I am lucky that in my line of work and in my extra curricular activity as a volunteer for a theatre group to be able to work with bright, young and vibrant high school students. I hate/love to admit that I am no longer a teenager, but considered a young adult (at least for a couple more years.. I think…wah!). People always assume I am much, much older than I am, and when they realize they are off a decade make stumbled justifications like “but you’re so mature ” (yeah, right), or “but you’ve accomplished so much!” (thanks, I think). I married young, ditched my motherland and started my own business so that’s an easy assumption. However, I’m going to assume it’s because I drive like a grandma and already have my forehead wrinkles that say “I am unclear of the reference you kids are making”.

What I’m saying is.. I’m kinda, sorta an adult now. I’m at that age where I look back and think “MAN. I thought things would be a LOT different by the time I was this age!” and feeling that change of “you have time” to “where’d the time go”. It’s not a bad feeling, and I am proud of where I am and my accomplishments. But now I’m at the point where I see teenagers and they are all bright eyed, bushy tailed with the world in front of them. They have decisions  and opportunities and a few more years to decide who they want to be.

It’s a great opportunity to have a shoot with a senior who is as awesome as Jennifer. Chatting with her as we walked the UMW campus I learned about the things she wants to accomplish after high school and the field of work she is interested in and why. I found out that her mother’s alma mater was UMW and I unknowingly had her pose on the steps of the building where her mom took classes! What a happy fluke. She also brought her flute to take photos with because she is a rockstar flutist! I also found out we both like to make dinosaur faces at people. Because sometimes, that is the only appropriate response to things. (See, I’m totally an adult). It was a gorgeous afternoon spent with a gorgeous girl who has big ideas and a bright future. I was thrilled to be able to capture her on the picturesque campus of the University of Mary Washington. A school she maybe, just maybe, is applying to… No pressure! But you’d get to enjoy the Autumn season in class like this…

Senior Portraits Fredericksburg Senior Portraits Fredericksburg Senior Portraits Fredericksburg Senior Portraits Fredericksburg

Senior Portraits: Quantico, VA.

Oh my. Oh my, oh my. It’s been a very hectic past few months! I thought I’d give a splash of update on the photography front. I have been busy doing a lot of studio work, but I have been lucky enough to have some wonderful on location shoots to share with you all as I catch up post holidays! One of them being this precious sister-senior-shoot!

These girls. As soon as I met them three words came to mind – All. American. Beauties. Seriously! On top of being absolutely gorgeous, they were so much fun to shoot. Get this – they each brought their dogs! Ahhh, heart melt! Look at those little puppy faces!!!

 Adorable, right? I threw in a few extras of Sydney, because she was the senior graduating and her sisters popped in for mini sessions! I’m so glad I got the opportunity to meet and work with these gals. They are as sweet as they look and I had a blast.