EOD Wounded Warriors Polar Bear Plunge 2014

It’s Fe-brr-uary so that means the Annual Fredericksburg EOD Wounded Warrior Polar Bear Plunge has taken place! I was out there early again supporting the local derby girls – but it has become so much more than that to me. I still feel like an outsider – a spectator and an appreciator of this event. Don’t get me wrong, I love that feeling. It’s like watching a live documentary before my eyes. The camaraderie and relationships that form from diving into a cold river for charity seem to be everlasting as the anticipation for this event happens year round. I love the change in facial expressions that happen from point A to point B. It’s anticipation, smiles, dread, OH GOD WHY, more smiles and then relief. I was able to witness and capture it all in great fun. I absolutely love this foundation and the caring, hardworking people behind it. Check out http://www.eodwarriorfoundation.org for more information on the organization and what they do. For those who may not be aware, EOD stands for Explosive Ordnance Disposal. These are guys and gals who literally diffuse unexploded bombs and other stuff that can ka-plode. Can you imagine doing that job? I don’t even like to light my own BBQ. I couldn’t imagine the strength and stress that comes with being an EOD tech and have SO much respect for these professionals. It is with great honour and respect that I attend the Polar Bear Plunge and am able to showcase these photos. Between the Polar Bear Plunge and Tribal Quest, I have decided that I am secretly obsessed with people plunging in muddy waters. The full set is available on my Flickr account, but please enjoy this selection I have chosen for the blog.
Click here for the FLICKR SET

Siobhan Young Photography EOD Wounded Warrior Polar Bear Plunge (1)
Siobhan Young Photography EOD Wounded Warrior Polar Bear Plunge (2)
Siobhan Young Photography EOD Wounded Warrior Polar Bear Plunge (3)
Siobhan Young Photography EOD Wounded Warrior Polar Bear Plunge (4)
Siobhan Young Photography EOD Wounded Warrior Polar Bear Plunge (5)
Siobhan Young Photography EOD Wounded Warrior Polar Bear Plunge (6)
Siobhan Young Photography EOD Wounded Warrior Polar Bear Plunge (7)

Silks Vintage Lingerie – New Studio!

I’m most excited to unveil the photos of Silks Vintage Lingerie + Photography new studio space inside of Merle Norman Cosmetics! And guess what?! Siobhan Young Photography has been cast in the role of official Photographer! Yep that’s right! Yours truly will be featured as the new pin up and boudoir photographer for the “photography” portion of Silks Vintage Lingerie + Photography! (I just used the words photography and photographer way too many times in those few sentences, but I’m so excited, I don’t even mind).

I have worked with SVL in the past, and am excited about continuing my work with them in 2014. It’s such a unique business concept that it excites and delights me as a photographer – I get to do what I do best and have so many interesting ideas and sets to play with! SVL has lingerie for sale, and is inside a makeup/hair studio. The marriage of set design, outfits, hair/makeup and photography all came together to make this crazy powerhouse concept a dream reality. So, if you want to get your significant other a special gift for Valentine’s Day, or want to have a girls night out for a Bachelorette, you can book anything from a private boudoir session to a pin up party!

Check out a peek inside the storefront and studio below! And just FIY, That’s My Dress! is also located within the store. So if you are a bride looking for a gown, stop by Merle Norman! You can chat with a makeup artist, shop for a dress and even take a peek at having your bachelorette party or private photo shoot done for a gift to you or your partner AND walk away with a piece of lingerie. It’s a stress free one stop shop!

SVL Siobhan Young Photography 4SVL Siobhan Young Photography3SVL Siobhan Young Photography2SVL Siobhan Young Photography1

Jessica and Ben – Belvedere Plantation Engagement

A couple weeks ago I gave the world a sneak peek at the engagement session I did with Jessica and Ben. Since my first meeting with these two, I have yet to stop squeeing about them to others and internally jumping for joy at their cuteness! When we first started to talk about their session, it promised a world of pumpkins and rainbows with a dash of offbeat geekery. All of these things meshed into one simply delights me. Colour, autumn and geeking out can easily be used to describe me, and I am in love with the fact I was able to play with a light saber in the changing leaves.

Jessica and Ben met at a festival called Transformus. It is a beautiful story filled with what seems to be fates colliding – but I will not delve too far into their personal tale. The day Ben was set to pop the question, he turned the key of a wooden gumball machine, and out popped a ball with the quote “I will love you till even the ruins are dust”. Later on he met the maker of the gumball, who showed him the comic (that if I remember correctly) his wife had picked it out from.

As you can tell from Jessica’s BEAUTIFUL engagement ring, she is a lover of rainbows and bright colours. Her ring is one of the most unique pieces of jewelry I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. It is a beautiful blue stone surrounded by an arch of rainbow gems. She is so bubbly and fun and is an amazing hula hooper. Ben came to the shoot in the best tshirt ever – Thundercats! He brought his Jedi robe and light saber and didn’t even mind me making a swooshing noise as I walked down the road with it. These two together are such a beautiful, creative and loveable duo. Our day was filled with honest, tender moments and genuine laughter and I couldn’t wait to share them with the world.

Our session started out with nerves simply because as I pulled into Belvedere Plantation – it started to pour. I’m not talking about a grey day, or light misting. I’m talking about some good old fashioned umbrella-and-gumboots-or-stay-inside type rain. Not pleasing to someone who envisioned fields of corn with the golden hue of sunlight cast down upon a couple in love! Giving myself a mental reset – I channeled my inner Ryan Brenizer and told myself “we are not just photographers – we are problem solvers”. I started to think of ways we could turn this situation into something great. Let it be grey, that will just make the colours these two brought pop even more! The rain had died down enough that when Ben and Jessica arrived, we could indeed shoot outside. I was prepared with plastics and towels, and they were prepared with rainbow umbrellas and hot cider inside their Renaissance Festival Mugs. I appreciate when couples bring things that are personal to them – it means we can create something not only beautiful, but something meaningful will be captured in the state it was intended to thrive in.

We had an amazing day going from garden – to corn maze – to hay ride – to pumpkin patch. I could go on and on about how much I dig hanging out with these two because I find we are very like minded individuals with similar interests. I am so excited to share their session and I just might have to check out Transformus next year and meet some more cool folks!










Vikki & Chris A Fredericksburg Elopement

So I’m sure we can all agree that weddings are rad, right? There’s always so much to look at, from little embellishments to grand cathedrals. I love all of that stuff. LOVE IT. The inner scrap booker in me wants to take home every cute napkin and flower petal and put it in a book. However, sometimes we just need to close down Pintrest, put the magazines away and remember what a wedding is really about – the Mr & Mrs (Or Mrs & Mrs, or Mr & Mr – it’s all the same love)… It’s refreshing to see a couple brave enough to ROCK the elopement. Which is exactly what Vikki and Chris did. When Vikki first approached me, I could already tell I was going to have fun with these two. It’s always nice when your inner happy photographer signal goes off. Since it was both their second wedding, she had decided to forgo the bells and whistles and get down to brass tacks… just getting busy being AWESOME. She rocked a blue lace dress and red high heels (AHH MY FAVOURITE). He came all suited up, with his lucky cap and fishing hook. Only 3 people were in attendance – her best friend, brother and sister in law. Even their kids had no idea they were tying the knot that day! I’m told they now know and am happy to report they are elated – and also wondering where their slice of cake is. (Sorry kids, they had wine instead of cake).

The ceremony was held in Hurkamp Park. Afterwards we walked to Fredericksburg Square and got some beautiful, silly and fun photos. Having a couple with the same humour as you is awesome, because then the smiles don’t stop. It was easy to see that she put a sparkle in his eye, and he knew exactly how to make her laugh. We finished off at Kybecca, a wine bar downtown. They were kind enough to let us shoot a couple portraits inside – which was cool because it was a BAJILLION DEGREES outside (I think I probably melted into the sidewalk, and then evaporated back into a corporeal being). It was short, sweet and FUN. Enjoy their cuteness – I know I did!

Fredericksburg elopement

Fredericksburg elopement

Fredericksburg elopement

Via Colori 2013

Just a quick photo heavy post about the street chalk art festival VIA COLORI that happens every September in Fredericksburg Virginia. It seems to be a running theme of bad weather on day one, where artists hard work is seen washed away – then excellent weather on day two where they launch a full blown recovery of their beautiful pieces. Not only is Via Colori known for it’s vibrant art, but I always notice the abundance of FXBG dogs afoot. They are so fun to photograph, I could have a separate album of just puppies. I look forward to the festival every year, and am determined to be on the other side of the artistry by creating a chalk art drawing! But of what will be the question…

Siobhan Young Via Colori 1

Siobhan Young Via Colori 2

Siobhan Young Via Colori 3

Siobhan Young Via Colori 4

For the full gallery that I will be putting up soon, feel free to mosey on over and like my Facebook page!

Tribal Quest 2013

Tribal Quest Virginia Siobhan Young Photography 1

I had the most wonderful opportunity to photograph this years Tribal Quest 2013. Let me tell you I had a blast. I’ve loved obstacle courses since I was a child watching American Gladiators. My brothers and I used to tip over the ping pong table and couches in the basement and set up our own courses to run through over and over again. I never really grew out of that, so instead of turning my house upside down – I allow the professionals to set up wicked awesome courses! There has been an influx of these mud type runs lately, but always 60 miles or more away. The guys at FredEvents have taken matters into their own hands and set up a local run for the city of Fredericksburg. I respect these guys so much for creating and hosting an event of this magnitude! They not only blessed us with our own event, but they made it safe, fun and not for the faint of heart! From start to finish it’s a party you work for. Music, food and children’s courses were there to enjoy on the grounds. Racers wore a grimace and a smile at the same time plunging deep into mud pits and climbing up and over ropes and tubes. I got crazy muddy just photographing the event – and I loved every second of it. Here are some of the photos I got from this years event. Others can be seen and purchased at

Tribal Quest Virginia Siobhan Young PhotographyTribal Quest Virginia Siobhan Young Photography 2Tribal Quest Virginia Siobhan Young Photography 4

I love team events where I can witness people getting into the spirit with displays of camaraderie, and there was no shortage of this at Tribal Quest. (I’ll admit I love the outfits, too) I saw everything from people pulling their team mates out of slippery mud pits, encouraging them with words and carrying their limping partners over the finish line. Photographing the event made it hard to decide if I wanted to photograph it again next year, or be a participant in the race. Either way, I’ll see you at Tribal Quest 2014.

Tribal Quest Virginia Siobhan Young Photography 3

Just for funsies, here’s what happens when you shoot on continuous.
I really hope someone knows this guy and he finds as much amusement in his spray down dance as I do!

Summer Boudoir

I am so excited, guys. Really, really excited about this new adventure. I know I seem perpetually excitable because let’s face it, why would we do stuff that bores us? But this takes my summer cake! I’ve been teaming up with Silk’s Vintage Lingerie in Fredericksburg to bring you some of the most fantastic outdoor boudoir set ups for the summer! I am very particular about the boudoir photography I will do and publish because it’s a very fine line of soft and sensual to greasy and cheap. I don’t do fast food in my life, and I don’t do it in my photography either. An array of vintage and modern outfits, check. A cornucopia of magnificent props, check. The most dazzling outdoor sets, check. Hair and makeup to make you feel like a pampered princess, check. This girl was daring enough to do some classy, vintage, boudoir, PREGNANCY photos. I can’t get over how soft, lovely and gorgeous she was. There’s more where this came from and I can’t wait to show you all!

Siobhan Young Photography Boudoir

Set and outfits by http://www.SilksVintageLingerie.com
Hair and makeup by X-Clusive Reflections

Five Four Oh My!

Tonight, I had the pleasure of being invited back to the National Guard Armory in Fredericksburg to do the Five 40 Roller girls group shot. It was hot out all day and as soon as we set out to do the group shot – thunderous, dark clouds rolled in behind us. It seems to be a running gag with mother nature that whenever I come out to shoot with the girls, it pours. It poured on both nights I did headshots. Rained all throughout the practice I shot. Dumped rain the night I shot their bout in Bealton. So finally, the one day where it’s bright, hot, blue skies, the weather turns just in time to make sure we don’t ruin our streak. Well, the girls were all amazing troopers and ignored it getting worse around them as we shot their group portraits.

Secretly as a photographer I had hoped this would happen. It happened on my wedding day where the weather went from bright and sunny to dark, snow and rain filled clouds. Instead of being mortified, I was overjoyed that the shots our photographer was able to get were dark and stormy like an HBO cover shoot. So in my mind I knew that the environment would now look as hard-core as these girls are. As if posing on Humvees and giant-not-tank-extended-vans wasn’t enough – these girls are fierce!

Siobhan Young Photography Roller Derby