Geeks Gone Easter.

More and more, holidays seem to be centralized around the children in our lives.  The candy, the toys, the people dressed in costumes ready to take your money in exchange for terrifying your child and making them cry…  Well, no offence kids, but I’m here to take holidays back! I want candy! I want toys! And darn it all – I want people to stop telling me I’m too old to visit the mall Santa!

So what does a married couple do when they have no children of their own to hide eggs for on Easter?

PFFFF. You hide eggs for your totally awesome husband who is the biggest kid you will ever have :) Then you make him find the chocolate so you can eat it when he’s not looking. Let’s face it, between the two of us, we pretty much made our home our own childhood dream. When we married each other, we merged our vintage game collections as well as our love for geek culture. He is a comic book geek and I am a huge fantasy nerd. The décor around our home widely reflects that, and also reminds me that I need to dust more often. My darling husband didn’t really understand at first that I intended for him to collect the candy, put it in a nice basket and then let me eat it all. He had assumed that I just decorated with the candy! Without blinking he was able to tell me where I “hid” most of the eggs! I’m going to remember this next time he doesn’t notice the dishes needing to be done.. I will just start leaving candy in the area chores need to be completed. Bosses, listen up – motivate your team!

Reminder to all adults that today is now discount candy day! If you are sans children like me you don’t have to share with anyone! If you do have children, use the discount candy for bribes at opportune times. (but you probably shouldn’t take parenting advice from me. I’m just a cat-mom. An overly sugared up cat-mom.)

I hope everyone out there had a Happy Easter!

Geek Easter