Tribal Quest 2013

Tribal Quest Virginia Siobhan Young Photography 1

I had the most wonderful opportunity to photograph this years Tribal Quest 2013. Let me tell you I had a blast. I’ve loved obstacle courses since I was a child watching American Gladiators. My brothers and I used to tip over the ping pong table and couches in the basement and set up our own courses to run through over and over again. I never really grew out of that, so instead of turning my house upside down – I allow the professionals to set up wicked awesome courses! There has been an influx of these mud type runs lately, but always 60 miles or more away. The guys at FredEvents have taken matters into their own hands and set up a local run for the city of Fredericksburg. I respect these guys so much for creating and hosting an event of this magnitude! They not only blessed us with our own event, but they made it safe, fun and not for the faint of heart! From start to finish it’s a party you work for. Music, food and children’s courses were there to enjoy on the grounds. Racers wore a grimace and a smile at the same time plunging deep into mud pits and climbing up and over ropes and tubes. I got crazy muddy just photographing the event – and I loved every second of it. Here are some of the photos I got from this years event. Others can be seen and purchased at

Tribal Quest Virginia Siobhan Young PhotographyTribal Quest Virginia Siobhan Young Photography 2Tribal Quest Virginia Siobhan Young Photography 4

I love team events where I can witness people getting into the spirit with displays of camaraderie, and there was no shortage of this at Tribal Quest. (I’ll admit I love the outfits, too) I saw everything from people pulling their team mates out of slippery mud pits, encouraging them with words and carrying their limping partners over the finish line. Photographing the event made it hard to decide if I wanted to photograph it again next year, or be a participant in the race. Either way, I’ll see you at Tribal Quest 2014.

Tribal Quest Virginia Siobhan Young Photography 3

Just for funsies, here’s what happens when you shoot on continuous.
I really hope someone knows this guy and he finds as much amusement in his spray down dance as I do!