Kt & Kam – A Calgary ReWedding


Seriously, guys.

Is there anything better than a cute punk rock couple that wants you to shoot their photos on a beautiful autumn day? Is there? I challenge you to come up with something. Kt and Kam put the warmth in my heart and the squees in my camera. I’m not going to hide it, I have been looking forward to  shooting with these two ever since Kt contacted me. There are those couples and their personalities that you fall in love with right away and you KNOW you’re going to have fun.

Needless to say, autumn comes early on the west coast. The leaves start to turn and fall in September, and are gone by the middle of October. There is a very short window to get fall pictures in. This day felt as if it was made for capturing photos of them. Kt and Kam were married in the fall of 2009, and never had an official wedding photographer. So this was an opportunity for them to do professional formals and have a re-wedding photo shoot! I couldn’t reconstruct the guests or the cake, but the most important thing was present this day from the day they got married. The love and affection between them, and their dogs of course!

I would like to introduce you to KT and Kam through a nice family photo…

Eeep! I love these two. Beautiful, colourful, serene. That doesn’t sound very punk rock – so let’s bring out a different family photo we got that day…

Oh yeah. That’s more like it. I can’t say the fun stopped with aviators, leather jackets and hardcore dogs. Because we had an empty playground all to ourselves. The fun had just begun.

Who needs gazebos made of white lattice and flowers when you have one like that?? Not I.
Among the other things we had fun playing on, and believe me there was way more than this, we found these yellow beat up tubes you could talk to each other through from opposite sides of the park. I couldn’t tell what was being said, but there was a plethora of facial expressions that came from this particular piece of the park. I’m just going to assume they were talking about the weather and what to eat for dinner.

Moving on to another part of Calgary, we hit up The Barn in Shawnessy. I used to work at The Barn when I worked as a landscaper for the city. I knew this was going to be a prime spot for big, old, beautiful trees to ensure we captured autumn at its peak. And it was. Yellow and orange hues are about the extent of the fall colours by the Rockies, and the short-lived beauty isn’t taken for granted.

We had fun. I can’t tell you who won the leaf war. It seemed like a fair fight. Kam mastered what I call the ‘kitty litter” throw and Kt used the dress to her full advantage.

I was so happy to have been asked to capture the fun and love between these two beautiful people. It was one of those days where I felt like everything had been made and done for these two to express themselves. From the empty playground to the just-right-amount of untouched leaves. The warm sunset to bask in and the smiles on the dogs’ faces.

But wait, there is one more thing I had to capture before the day was over. Kt has a secret.