Megan and Justin: Virginia Beach Wedding

Hello lovely world! This is my first update on the summer happenings of Siobhan Young Photography. I have had a wonderful summer getting settled into my new home in my new country with my new husband. Okay, I never had an old husband, but you get the point. Everything is new and exciting and fresh… and I have my camera along for the ride!

A couple months ago I was lucky enough to be invited to share Megan and Justin’s wonderful wedding day in Virginia Beach. They had their son as the wee ring bearer, their daughter as the flower girl and their new little baby snug inside Megan’s belly, just waiting to come out in a matter of weeks!

It was a clear blue, sunny day and the relaxed atmosphere in the beach house was a perfect contrast to the ocean. I have to say I’m quite the sucker for the colour Megan chose on her wedding day. Beautiful shades of purple looked so amazing in the sun!